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The Kashubian Folk High School’s activities focus mainly on civic and cultural education (regional) and environment protection. They stem out from the tradition and the challenges the contemporary world is currently facing. These are the pillars of almost all educational and cultural programmes of the school.

Civic education has always been the most important task of the Kashubian Folk High School. The social competences acquired here considerably complement vocational and professional competences that can be acquired in the public educational system. The need for this type of “additional” education increases especially when societies are faced with new challenges like democratisation of public life, reform of local governance and administration.

Regional education is understood by us as supporting the development of regional culture and popularisation of various forms of artistic activity. It is the second most important function of the Kashubian Folk High School. What we mean here is indicating the need to live in harmony with the region, its traditions, culture and history and the necessity to respect and creatively develop the achievements of the “small motherland”.

Ecology constitutes the third pillar of the activities of the Kashubian Folk High School. On one hand, it results from the tradition of Folk High Schools, in which the necessity to live according to nature has always been emphasised. On the other hand, however, the School is located in the region of Poland where considerable areas have been saved from degradation. Ecologically focused activities deal mainly with developing a universal programme of environmental protection knowledge, developing nature friendly attitudes and popularising environmentally friendly ideas.


School for life

„Living word” interactive activities, learning through work, story – a good example

Significant role in the educational process of life experiences

Openness and trust in other

Partnership between teachers and students

Good family atmosphere (place of courses)

Integration of students as a learning community

Breaking down barriers, prejudices and schemes

Global thinking and local action



• Developing personal and social competences.
• Providing support in setting up vocational and life goals.
• Helping students discover and learning about themselves.
• Building self-confidence, strengthening self-esteem
• Preventing exclusion.

Co-operation with similar institutions from other countries plays an important role for the Kashubian Folk High School, this is why we constantly develop international contacts. Many educational and cultural projects reaching far beyond Poland were prepared and implemented thanks to such cooperation. Today, Kashubian Folk High School is working closely with Folk High Schools from Germany, maintains and develops its traditional contacts with many educational institutions in Denmark and Sweden, and is fairly successful in taking cooperating with twin institutions and organisations in Belarus, Ukraine, Estonia, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway and Hungary.


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